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CarLogger Project

CarLogger (Open Source)

I have created this project for the fun of it. The idea came from after I took my car for a service and had to have new tires fitted onto the front wheels. The idea was for a application to keep track of the things that happened and been done to the car, then there is always a history of the events, for example, when last you have rotated the tires or what the last km reading was when it went for a service.

I have created the project in Java with Swing for the graphical user interface. I’m using Git for the version control. For the IDE I’m using Eclipse Mars and storing the repository on GitHub (Public). I’m keeping the project plain and simple. Still a few things that I want to add to improve the project a little bit more.

I have added a¬†folder to keep the compiled and prepared native files (in CarLogger-native folder) of the CarLogger program that connects to an SQLite3 database. You can download the repository and the folder ‘CarLogger-native’ can then be copied to a directory and can be run from that directory. No installation is required.

You can have a look at the repository and/or download CarLogger files at: