Pieter du Plessis

Here I will be posting about some of the things that I learn and some of my experiences

Employees Project

This project was created on request to capture absenteeism, keep track of I.O.U’s and have lists of employees and contact information.

The project was created in Java with Swing using Eclipse Mars and used SQLite3 for the database. The exe application was compiled with Launch4J application.

This was my first Java application that I have created.


Main Menu

Absentee Lists – Add Absence

Absentee Lists – View Absences

I.O.U. Lists – Add I.O.U.

I.O.U. Lists – Oustanding I.O.U.’s

I.O.U Lists – View I.O.U.’s

Contacts – Add Contact

Contacts – View Contacts

Employees – Add Employee

Employees – View Employees

Back Office

  • Pay I.O.U. – Pay individual I.O.U.s for the selected employee.
  • Pay Multiple I.O.U.s – Settle all I.O.U.s at once.
  • Entire Employee List – This shows an entire list of employees (past and present) and can be filtered through.
  • Users – All users are maintained (add, edit and remove) and where administrators are maintained.
  • Items – Items like positions and stores are maintained.


Options have options for the user to change their password and back up the database


Maintenance, only available for admin users, has options for statistics, running customer SQL scripts and master password reset.