Pieter du Plessis

Here I will be posting about some of the things that I learn and some of my experiences

MSP Stock

I created MSP Stock application to make it easier to view information from Sage x3 by having all the information in one place. The application was made available to the departments who used the information at a previous employer.

The idea for this application stem from one of my other applications, MSP Planning. The feature that inspired this is Component Status. After I improved the Component Status feature in the MSP Planning application to not only include information from my application, but also all the information that I required from Sage X3 to do quotes, estimates and checking pricing, all on one screen, I decided to share an similar concept with coworkers which is MSP Stock application.

I wrote the program in Java (Desktop Application) with the Eclipse IDE. MSP Stock gets data from Microsoft SQL Server and from MySQL.


Check Stock

Search for part numbers with stock availability and then to show all the required information for the selected part number on one screen instead of jumping between different screens to get the required information, like on Sage X3 or other applications that were made available to us.

Link-Belt Component Status

This feature is an “copy and paste” from the MSP Planning application, follow the link for more information on this feature.