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Recovering Microsoft Office 2010 Word Documents

Lost your Word document?

Here are 2 ways that you can recover your lost document.

First way:

After Word has crashed and you reopen Word, it will give you the Document Recovery option to recover any files that were autosaved after your last manual save and the original (last manually saved) file before Word unexpectedly closed or crashed before you could save again.

Simply choose which file you would like to continue with, double-click on the chosen one to open the document.

Second way:

Open File Explorer and go to your user’s home location (Example: C:\Users\Pieter\) and search for your documents name (For example, “mydocument” and do not add the suffix “.docx”).

After the search has completed, look at the suffixes of the files and take note of their directory path. Look for the most recent saved (“Date modified” ) document with the “.asd” suffix. Tip: Copy the path to the files directory for use later.

Open the chosen file through Word. Open Word, select File > Recent > Recover Unsaved Document.

In the screen that comes up, navigate to the directory of the file and double-click the file to open it.

Once the file is open, save it.


Look in the following directory (‘Pieter’ replaced with your username):
Make sure that you are able to view hidden files. While looking at the search results, there might be more than one file that has been autosaved. Take note of the file sizes and the most recent date and time in the ‘Date Modified’ column.

Preventative Actions:

Once you start with a new document in Word save the document immediately and try to save as regularly as possible.
Ensure that AutoRecover is enabled. This will help you in the event if you have not saved the document and Word closed unexpectedly and didn’t have a chance or have forgotten to save manually.


Not all of these methods are foolproof and in certain events, you may completely lose the document or the last changes made to the document after manually saving with no easy way, if at all, of recovering the document or the latest saves.

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